The Vail Trail

The Vail Trail – Sept 14-20, 2001

The custom-designed homes of Vail and Beaver Creek deserve the finest craftsmanship available.  Jacklyn Potter supplies that demand as she creates custom, sometimes three-dimensional, sometimes gloriously colorful glass work for the multi-million-dollar homes that dot the Vail Valley.

Jacklyn, a well-know Eagle glass artist since the late 1970’s.  The fruits of her labor – from etched scenes of elk in aspen forests on a custom-made shower stall to barrels of wine on the door to a wine cellar at a Beaver Creek home – accentuate the entryways, powder rooms and windows of homes from Bachelor Gulch to Vail Village.

The Vilar Center’s donor wall and doorways of mountain-top restaurants like Vail’s Blue Moon Brewery are two of the few places the public can see the results of hours of design, soldering and sand blasting.  The rest of the work is showcased in private homes.

Looking like an astronaut surrounded by a gray cloud of silicon crystals, Jacklyn spends hours eating away layer after layer of glass to create her three-dimensional masterpieces.

Mass-produced versions are usually created by computer and only show once dimension.  An artist can blast deeper into the glass to create depth and layering where tree branches overlap, mountains jump from the glass and snow pockets look as deep as they are on a Vail Mountain powder day.

The level of detail is what sets her work apart.  Jacklyn etches and carves the glass using a silicon carbide medium blasting with a high pressure system.

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